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ViDAS volunteers are veterinarians, veterinary technicians, veterinary students, and veterinary medically trained staff. Become a ViDAS volunteer to gain enriching experience working as a team & improving the lives of pets and pet owners!



Vet students and Technicians: You will assist with physical exams, pre-medication and induction of anesthesia, surgical preparation, anesthesia monitoring, cleaning instruments and equipment, assisting with recovery, and assisting the doctors as needed. As technical support staff, you will be performing physical examinations, placing intravenous catheters, administering medications, intubating patients, prepping for surgery, and monitoring anesthesia, among other non-medical/technical duties.

Veterinarians: You are generally performing spay/neuter surgeries all day long but sometimes will be performing physical examinations, anesthesia induction, or assisting in recovery of patients depending on the areas in need during the clinic.

Spanish speakers are always needed on clinics. Any of our Spanish speaking volunteers who can effectively communicate will be utilized for: communication, translation, discharge instructions, and education efforts in addition to medical duties.

Local and/or out-of-area volunteers who are not veterinary medical professionals are always welcome to volunteer and can assist with patient recovery, discharge, community outreach, and other activities based on their level of knowledge and experience. Please look under the "Local Volunteer" heading below for more information on this volunteer position! 

All volunteers will be utilized in areas where their skills will provide the most benefit for the success of the clinic. The clinic days are long and strenuous. Please understand that our goal is efficiency and safety for patients, volunteers, and all participants involved.


  • Flight, living accommodation, and food costs are covered for all medical volunteers at Spayathon clinics
  • Transportation to/from the airport and clinic sites is provided for our volunteers
  • Immunizations are recommended but not required: Rabies vaccination (3-vaccine series) and/or titers, hepatitis, and a current tetanus vaccination
  • All volunteers will be expected to fundraise for the clinic in which they are participating – raising a minimum of $300 using whatever modality they choose. ViDAS will assist this effort through providing access to an organized crowdfunding platform.


Please click our “Download Application” button below to fill out our volunteer application form and submit it to [email protected]. We will contact you and answer any other questions you might have once we receive this form. If you are unable to access the volunteer form for any reason please feel free to contact our Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected].

ViDAS has a new volunteer policy! Due to the high number of applicants and in order to make sure that everyone has an equal chance of volunteering with us, we are asking that you apply for a specific trip. You must reapply with us for every trip that you would like to participate in, as a new waiting list will be started for each trip. If you have applied before, you do not need to fill out the entire application again, just your contact information and how many times you have applied.

Staffing of each clinic occurs approximately 6 months prior to the clinic start date. If you have applied, please look for an invitation email around then! Applications for each trip are accepted up until the actual clinic. However, we generally have all spots filled within 3 months of the trip. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you submit an application to participate at least 4 months in advance.

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Are you living in Puerto Rico and interested in volunteering at our clinic as a non-medical volunteer? We would love your help on-site at the clinic, or you can help in some other way! We are often in need of things that only local people can supply!

  • Help with advertising in the weeks before the clinic
  • Help with check-in and recovery of animals at the clinic
  • Provide rides for clinic staff to & from the airport
  • Provide drinks, meals, and/or snacks for the volunteers during the clinic
  • Other items best supplied by local volunteers and helpers!
  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to space limitations, all volunteers without medical professional experience are allowed to assist, but you are responsible for your own travel arrangements and expenses. We will NOT be able to provide housing, transportation, or food. Other ways to help out include assisting us throughout the year with public awareness, fundraising, and collecting or preparing supplies for the clinics.

If you live in Puerto Rico and would like to help, please contact [email protected] or fill out the "Get in Touch" form below for more information about how you can help. Thank you!

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