Well, today was another one for the books. We safely spayed and neutered 539 dogs and cats total! That’s a new record! We also spayed and neutered 186 cats today! A HUGE record number of cats! Today was the smoothest running day and we couldn’t be happier. We have now safely spayed and neutered 2044 cats and dogs over the last 4 days.

On another note, one of our volunteers received a generous donation today to help her lovely large-breed dog walk again! Her gentle handsome man is very weak in his back legs and cannot walk without dragging his hind end. Due to his tremendous will and amazing personality, he has been dragging himself along in order to get around. Today, he received wheelchair will help him to move around without constant wounds on his back legs and having to drag himself! To see this hard-working volunteer as she watched her handsome boy walk, was heart-warming.

Now time for dinner and bed!