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If you are an animal lover, environmentalist or would just like to get involved, there are many ways you can do so. Send us a dontation, medical supplies or become a ViDAS volunteer to gain enriching experience working as a team & improving the lives of pets and pet owners!

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Committed to the Community

We work together with the local community to make a difference that affects not only the animals, but the people. VIDAS has long term goals of traveling throughout Latin America and other countries throughout the world in an effort to educate about and prevent pet overpopulation.

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Dedicated to Animal Welfare

ViDAS is a non-profit organization made up of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, veterinary students and other animal lovers dedicated to improving the lives of animals and people through veterinary medicine and education.

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Veterinarios Internacionales Dedicados a Animales Saños
International Veterinarians Dedicated to Animal Health

UPDATE: We are excited to announce that we are starting a new project that will have us working in Puerto Rico over the next 18 months. We are partnering with the Humane Society of the United States and many other incredible organizations to provide spay/neuter services to the pets of Puerto Rico. After Hurricane Maria devastated the island, many animals were left without homes, adding to an already troubling stray animal overpopulation problem. We will be offering free sterilization services to help the people of Puerto Rico keep their pets safe and prevent unwanted litters. We have four clinics scheduled (see our events page for more details). If you would like to get involved, please go to the “Get Involved” tab to see how you can help save some lives!

VIDAS is a group comprised of veterinarians, veterinary students, technicians, and animal–loving volunteers. Our mission is to provide safe and free veterinary sterilization to dogs and cats in areas of need in an effort to fight pet overpopulation. We strive to work together with the local community to provide education to the people and aid to local veterinary groups to invoke positive and sustainable change.

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Animals Safely Sterilized by ViDAS